Garden Lunch Box

Basmati Rice with Lentils in a Hyderabad curry (left), Beet & Jalepeno Salad with a Habenero Glaze(top right), Harvest Ginger Salad (bottom right): Matthew Stromberg 

Your body is your vehicle: intestines like gears become clogged with gunk, limbs scarred with adventures as bumpers are scratched and replaced, and the heart drags on a toll as an engine would wear out. Yet, throughout a lifetime of usage, this body is beyond a car. An evolutionary biological vessel, existential transformation. With the right nutrients, the right combination of elixirs and the expansion of the mind, the body is no longer a body. Consume everything: the air, the water, the people, thoughts, desires, accomplishments, the environment. Consume everything that will transform and evolve you and soon you will realize the absence of a barrier between the skin on your soul and the atoms of the world. 


Avocado Honey Sweet

Whether it is Spring, Winter, Fall, or Summer, smoothies are for the soul as much as it is for the body:)

Here, Avacado, Honey, Banana and Cinnamon combine to pamper not only your taste buds, but your digestive, integumentary system-hair, nails, skin-, and even muscular system. Being good to you, is being great to you!

The darker the banana, the sweeter and more nutritious!



1.) start with about a cup of crushed ice into the blender and add 1 chopped banana along with a cup of almond milk.

2.) Add:

  • half an avocado
  • 1/2 TBS of Turkish honey
  • shake of cinnamon- no more than 1 tps.
  • Squeeze  slice of fresh lemon

If there doesn’t seem to be enough milk, add a bit more but we want more fruit than milk.






Top it off with a swirl of honey and another pinch of cinnamon to look pretty and WALLAH!