Garden Lunch Box

Basmati Rice with Lentils in a Hyderabad curry (left), Beet & Jalepeno Salad with a Habenero Glaze(top right), Harvest Ginger Salad (bottom right): Matthew Stromberg 

Your body is your vehicle: intestines like gears become clogged with gunk, limbs scarred with adventures as bumpers are scratched and replaced, and the heart drags on a toll as an engine would wear out. Yet, throughout a lifetime of usage, this body is beyond a car. An evolutionary biological vessel, existential transformation. With the right nutrients, the right combination of elixirs and the expansion of the mind, the body is no longer a body. Consume everything: the air, the water, the people, thoughts, desires, accomplishments, the environment. Consume everything that will transform and evolve you and soon you will realize the absence of a barrier between the skin on your soul and the atoms of the world. 


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